Monday, December 22, 2014

Easter 2014

My Easter this year was spent in Texas with my cousins. We found ourselves on many adventures and had a great time.

California April 2014

My class & I found ourselves in Cali for a week on a Surf and Serve trip. From soccer on the beach, boogie boarding, and surfing to serving the homeless, I quickly learned that Santa Barbara is an amazing town. 

Christmas 2013

After years of traveling for Christmas, from Florida to the Bahamas to Missouri, it was different staying home for the holidays last year, but awesome nonetheless. My cousins from Indiana as well as my Grandparents from Virginia came to our house and we went up to Keystone for a ski trip. I enjoyed sipping hot cocoa in the snow and shopping in the village much more than the skiing.

Never Stop Exploring

Uganda, Africa July 2013

After many restless nights on numerous airplanes (45 hours of travel to be exact), me and 13 others arrived in Lira, Northern Uganda for 2 weeks of continuous ministry and service at "Hope Lives" school.

The Adventures of Me, Kaylee Whitehouse